Mortgage protection
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Mortgage protection

Your cover will decrease throughout a fixed term. Compare Mortgage Life Insurance.

The most common protection policy for a Repayment Mortgage.

  • Can generally be the cheapest of protection policies
  • The cover may come down in line with a repayment mortgage
  • Guaranteed Insurability Option may be added should you re-mortgage in the future

We will tailor make a policy to your requirements using a panel of insurers.

We promise to remove the hassle of finding a policy to protect you and your loved ones.

What’s covered

You can either choose a level of cover you wish to be protected for or you could fit the policy into a budget and pay a certain premium. This policy will also come with a Terminal Illness Benefit as standard.

If at any point you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and you are given less than 12 months to live, this policy may pay out your sum assured whilst you’re still alive to do with as you wish.

How it works

A Mortgage Life Insurance policy is designed to protect a repayment mortgage for a fixed term. You will pay a monthly or an annual premium and should you pass away within this term, the policy will pay out the sum assured you have been covered for.

This enables you to have complete peace of mind that your loved ones are financially taken care of when you are gone. These are the hardest of times for friends and family and so all we can do is make things easier.

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