Joint life insurance
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Joint life insurance

Having a joint life insurance policy can be a cheaper option than having two single policies. Compare joint life insurance policies.

The policy every couple should consider.

  • Insures two lives on one policy
  • Pays out after first death
  • Works out cheaper than two single policies

‘It pays out when the first person dies securing the other policy holders financial future.’

We promise to remove the hassle of finding a policy to protect you and your loved ones.

What’s covered

You can create a policy that suits your needs so it can include just Life Insurance payable on the first death but you can also include Critical Illness cover. All polices will also include Terminal Illness cover as standard.

How it works

Joint life insurance policies are designed to cover couples or partnerships in the event of either partner’s death or if either suffer a critical illness. The surviving party will receive the pay-out from the policy and the policy will then seize.