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Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance aims to provide you and your family the peace of mind that you if you are ever taken ill or become injured you get the service you deserve.

Why Private Healthcare?

We have a range of health insurance providers who are committed to making sure all of their customers feel supported through their treatment, whether it be a troublesome cold to severe a condition such as cancer.

Once you and your family are covered, depending how you build your personal policy, you could be granted access to treatments not readily available on the NHS and experience significantly shorter waiting times for appointments and surgery.

How it works

No longer will you have to wait in congested GP or A&E waiting rooms or calling daily to see if any appointments are available. You will have full control on how you and your family are treated.

  • When You Will Be Treated: You’re usually seen faster than contacting your GP for emergency appointments.
  • Where You Will Be Treated: Usually in private hospital of your choice with en-suite rooms.
  • Offers long or short-term cover.

Our team

Our designated team of Health Insurance specialists can help you go through all you options to create a policy that suits your needs, and with fully adjustable cover we will attempt to find a policy that takes all of your concerns into consideration and help you avoid the frustrations that some people face using the NHS.

Vitality Health also comes with numerous added benefits that can help the family in numerous other ways that you may not of thought of.