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Home insurance

Viva Protect have teamed up with Organic Insurance to provide our clients with competitive home insurance.

We work closely with our insurance partners to be able to offer you your ideal home insurance policy, tailored to the details that are specific to you and your home.

Whether your home is a flat, or a town house, a mansion or a bungalow (or any other abode), Organic Insurance can offer you the very best policy for your home insurance at the very best prices!

Some properties have features that aren’t covered by standard home insurance policies, a house with a thatched roof for example. Sometimes personal possessions, such as an expensive watch or jewellery, or items of furniture including paintings and antiques, wouldn’t be covered by a standard insurance policy.

Working from home is another example of something your home insurance should take into account (if it isn’t covered by an insurance policy of its own which is something we can do for you too!).

At Organic Insurance they aim to ensure that everything you need to be covered, is covered without any exceptions.

To speak to one of Organics experienced Home Insurance consultants today, call them on 01254 368 251, quoting ‘VIVA PROTECT’ for a special discount.