Critical illness cover
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Critical Illness Cover

Many people face a critical illness at some point in their life. Ease the financial burden of not being able to work by taking out a critical illness policy. Compare policies from a range of providers with us and we’ll aim to match YOU with the right product that suits YOU.

The policy every family should consider.

  • Modern Policies can now cover you for over 170 illnesses
  • Providers have started to look at Severity based payments increasing prospects to be paid out on a claim
  • You can now add your children on to your insurance plans

Critical Illness cover is designed to make sure if you suffer a Critical illness you and your family have the financial stability to get through the recovery process.

We promise to remove the hassle of finding a policy to protect you and your loved ones.

What’s covered

Critical Illness plans cover numerous medical conditions such as Cancer, heart attacks, strokes and Multiple Sclerosis. Some more modern policies can cover over 170 illnesses. Certain providers have already started to look at severity based payments and protecting policies so you can claim multiple times on one insurance plan. Don’t forget you can now add your children on to these plans to protect the whole family.

How it works

If you’re diagnosed with one of the specified medical conditions on your insurer paperwork you will receive a tax-free lump. This can be used to cover a mortgage or pay for specialized medical treatments.